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  • It occurs to gastritis or infection of the digestive track ( H-pylori) disorders such as gastroenteritis & obstruction of the digestive tract.
  • Depression can cause lack of desire for food (commonly seen in Ayurvedic community)
  • Look for any drug history of anti TB drugs, anti Hypertensives certain cardiac drugs like digitalis, all of these can produce anorexia.
  • If there is loss appetite or indigestion, think of modern drugs that produce these conditions)always take psychiatric history, sleep pattern, hotel food intake etc., into consideration.
  • Take the history of alcoholism, tobacco, and smoking.

In adults, more than 50 years of age with persistent anorexia and weight loss think about CA.



  • Examine the patient in clear sunlight to rule our jaundice and Anemia.
  • Don’s examined with a weak battery torch light. Many doctors do not change old batteries in time.
  • Rule out chest TB by taking chest X-ray . TC,DC, and Mantoux or Gold TB feron.

Loss Of Appetite Ayurveda Treatment India

Treatment Principle for loss of Appetite

  • vrana ropana cikitsa
  • tikta kasaya rasa pradhana ousadhas
  • in later phase, tikta madhura rasa
  • always thinking dosic ters and treat

In chronic ulcers also, there will be anorexia. Son, in order to improve the agni never select katu rasa but select onlyh tikta rasa. Katu rasa may worsen the problem. Katu rasam drugs should be only selected when there is non-ulcer dyspepsia.


Treatment for mandagni in children:

  • The medicines told in the context of non-ulcer dyspepsia can be utilized in this context. Anorexia because of the individual condition is dealt under that diseases separately.


  • Titkatam kasayam – 60 ml morning and night before food.
  • Mahatiktakam kasayam – 60 ml morning and night before food.
  • Guducyadi kasayam – 60 ml morning and night before food.
  • Indukantha kasayam – 60 ml morning and night before food.

Curnam [For non-ulcer duyspepsia in chindren]

  • Asta curnam (3-5 gms) with first bolus of cooked rice with little ghee, daily morning and night.
  • If you select katurasa pradhanya drugs i.e. like asta curnam, pancakolasavam, ardraka rasayanam administer it after food.


  • Talisapathradi vatakam 2-0-2 after food
  • Hinguvacadi gulika 2-0-2 after food
  • Dhanvantara gulika 2-0-2 after food (AVN)
  • pulinkuzhambu gulika 1-0-1 after food (Moos)


  • nayopayam lehyam -1 teaspoon morning and night after food
  • parusakadi lehyam-1 teaspoon morning and night after food
  • draksadi lehyam -1 teaspoon morning and night after food
  • vilvadi lehyam-1/2 teaspoon morning and night after food


  • jirakaristam – 20 ml morning and night after food
  • abhayaristam -20 ml morning and night after


  • Water processed with ginger and coriander for drinking purpose.

Parijatak Ayurveda is one of the renowned centers in India for Ayurvedic treatment forgastrointestinal diseases. The experts suggest effective treatment to improve digestion. Ayurvedic medicine for gastric problems are available in no time. Tell your problems and get best herbal remedies for gastritis for chronic gastritis treatment.

Restoring the balance of the digestive fire or the agni is the aim of Ayurveda for solving not only the digestion problems but also various other problems which get affected by the gastrological disorders.Ayurvedic therapies always aims to destroy the root cause of the problem.

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