Pathya –Apathya for Atisaar(Diarrhoea):

Light food for eating is advisiable.

Eg. Peya (thin gruel without containing any grains prepared by boiling appropriate drugs or paddy) and Manda (that does not contain Siktha)

  • Old Rice of variety Sali and Shashti is best.
  • Soup prepared from pigeon pea, meat soup of rabbit ,ain (black deer) lava bird, deer, (Partride) all kind of small fishes are advisiable.
  • Cows and Goat milk and curd is best in atisaar.
  • Intake of butter milk prevents the electolytes loss.
  • Fresh banana fruits, Jambuphala(chestnut/ Eugenia jambolanaLam.), unripe Bilva(AegelmarmelosLinn.Conr)fruit, Jatiphala(Nutmeg/MyristicafragransHenlt.),Vijaya(Cannabis sativaLinn.) etc.are the stool binding hence give in Atisaar.
  • Dadima(pomegranate), Cangeri(Indian sorrel/ Oxalis corniculataLinn), Hribera(ValerianawallichiiD.C.), Kustumbru, dried ginger, Mahanimba(MeliaazadarachLinn), cumin seeds, Kapitha(Wood apple), etc. are given in atisaar.
  • Fasting, day sleeping are beneficial in diarrhoea patients, as these measures are considered helpful in digesting the undigested food
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  • Heavy food should be avoided.
  • The grains like wheat, barley, Urada(black gram), Nispava(flat bean/Dolichos lablab) should be avoided.
  • Madhu(honey), Sigru(drumstick), mango are avoided.

All kinds of leafy vegetables should be avoided.

Draksha(VitisviniferaLinn.), Amlaveta(GarciniapedunculataRoxb.), garlic pearls, Mastu(curd water), Amalaki(goose berry), all types of kshaar like Yavaksara should be avoided.


Do not drink contaminated water.

  • Avoid emotions like anger,depression because it may cause suppression of diagestive fire.
  • working upto late hours,night awakening should be avoided.
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